Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Designated Hitter.

Baseball needs to get both leagues on the same page. Enough of having one rule for one league, and another rule for the other. It's stupid, and it gives the National League a huge advantage in inter-league play & the World Series.

So here's what I'd do. Take the Designated Hitter rule and....apply it to both leagues.

Guess what you purist morons, watching pitchers hit SUCKS. Double switches suck. If I never had to witness another pitcher feebly waving at a curveball, I'd be happier than a kid in a candy store with a $20 bill.

The DH has been around for what, 37 years now? It works. It adds offense to the game. It adds years to players careers.  And not having it in both leagues is wrong. Imagine if the AFC had 12 players per team, and the NFC had 11. Pretty dumb idea, isn't it? Well, what's the difference with MLB?

American League teams are used to having 9 hitters in the lineup. When they go and play in the National League park, they have to remove one of their key offensive components and replace him with a useless pitcher. Whereas when the National League team comes to the AL park, they get to ADD a component to their offense. That pinch hitter who can't field much anymore (hello Matt Stairs), all of a sudden he's a big part of the offense.

Stop listening to the purists. What other parts of baseball do they prefer to be "pure" anyways? Shall we go back to 1946? Is that "pure" enough for the purists? 4 finger gloves? Spitballs being legal? One dirty ball for the entire game? No batting helmets? Sharpening your spikes and gashing a guy on the double play? No. Baseball has evolved over time. The DH is a good part of that evolution. Make the National League use it. NOW.

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