Saturday, May 7, 2011

R.I.P. Seve Ballesteros article

Seve was special. He played golf like a matador, with wild swings yet a deft touch when needed. Jabbering in Spanish to his brother the caddie.
I was a left handed golfer, so I was very jealous when a right handed friend of mine scored a set of Sounder irons, because they were the clubs that Seve was playing at the time.
The final putt on the 18th at St.Andrews, the smile, the pure joy of winning.
It was sad when he lost his game, but so much sadder to see him struggle with the cancer.
I remember reading a story where it spoke of how Seve was in a practice bunker with other pros, and they were all hitting great shots close to the hole. The other pros were all using sand wedges, Seve was using his 2 iron. He had that kind of an amazing touch. You every try to hit a greenside bunker shot with a 2 iron? It's not easy.

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