Friday, April 1, 2011

The 30 day Horror challenge. Day ten.

Your favorite psychological horror film:

Bad Boy Bubby

This is a seriously fucked up movie. If you haven't seen it, try watching it with headphones on for sound. Reason? They filmed the movie with only the character of Bubby being miked, so everything you hear is essentially as if you were him.
"Bubby has spent his entire life locked in his mother´s disturbingly bleak flat. He is thirty-five years old and has never gone outside, his mother has sex with him and occasionally tortures him and she wears a gas mask when she leaves so Bubby believes the atmosphere outside the flat is poisonous. When his absent alcoholic father returns Bubby struggles to cope and his mother´s lies begin to fall apart. Eventually Bubby has to leave the flat and make his way in the strange world outside but his limited intellect and complete lack of social skills make things hard in this surreal and darkly comic film. There are some very extreme scenes in this and much unpleasantness but there is also optimism and hope. This is original and provocative film making and it is easy to see why it has become a cult classic."
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  1. Sounds interesting...added to my Netflix queue now.