Friday, April 1, 2011

Ballparks I've seen.

I was thinking about what I'd do if I won a ton of cash, and one thing would be to try and hit every MLB stadium for at least one game.

I've been to 3 stadiums, but only one of them is still in use.

The first was the Kingdome in Seattle. Went there twice. Saw Griffey hit a shot off Eckersley the 1st time, and got Cal Ripken Jr to sign a ball the 2nd time. Sadly I have to admit to not having made the trip to Safeco, despite it only being 300 miles.

My second stadium was the Astrodome in Houston. The only thing I remember about the game was getting the chance to catch a frisbee, and then try to throw it back at the mascot so he could catch it or something. Naturally instead of doing that, I tried to take his head off with it. I got booed.

And number three was the Skydome in Toronto. I got a picture with BJ Birdy, the Jays mascot. Don't remember anything else.

Somewhere I have the ticket stubs, I'll have to dig them out and check the games on baseball reference.

I did also see an exhibition game at BC Place Stadium here in Vancouver, between the Jays and the Brewers. That was back when there was a lot of talk about Vancouver getting a team.

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  1. Growing up, our family vacations were built around baseball for 3 or 4 years. My dad took note of my interest in baseball and tried to incorporate it into a lot of our I never really liked the beach. I've never been to any of those parks you mentioned (furthest west I've been is Chicago I think), but hope to hit those cities someday. Last year my family visited DC and Baltimore, and caught a game in each city while there.