Monday, April 11, 2011

Random musings about golf. Masters 2011.

Yeah, I'm a golf fan as well as a baseball one. I used to play a lot of golf, but my back problems put an end to that. I don't watch it on tv nearly as much as I used to, but the Masters is a can't miss.

I'm willing to bet that 100% of the idiots who insist on calling Tiger Woods 'Eldrick' also believe that Barack Obama was born in Kenya and is the anti-christ. (Tiger officially changed his name YEARS ago people. He is no longer Eldrick).

I watched the BBC's coverage (thank you streamers), and they weren't impressed with Tiger's post-round interview with Bill Macatee. He was awfully surly.

Really one of the best final rounds I've ever seen. And even with Schwartzel finishing at -14, many guys are going to look back and regret some missed opportunites.

Tiger: the 3 putt at 12. Failure to birdie 13. Missing the short eagle at 15. Those 3 alone put him at -13. Had he posted that, it would have been really hard for anyone to catch him. T4 at the Masters doesn't really prove he's "back", as he did the same last year. Tiger can make the top 10 at Augusta in his sleep.

Adam Scott:  Failed to birdie 13 & 15. He made great puts at 15 & 17, but they should have been for birdies.

Jason Day. Missed a short birdie at 14, then failed to birdie 15. He finished strong with birdies on the last 2, but he was unable to overcome the misses and the bogeys on 1 & 7.

Luke Donald. Double bogey on 12, bogey on 17. He also bogeyed 7. Great shot on 18, and then a great chip-in for the birdie, but take away the mistakes, and that might have been a lot more important.

Rory. Poor Rory. Hitting a tee shot like the one on 10 was such a shock to his system that he immediately panicked. He wasn't smart or experienced enough to "take his medicine", as Payne Stewart used to say, and simply play for a 5.  Hitting the wood for the 3rd shot was a terrible choice. He should have laid it up short of the green, and relied on his short  game for an up and down for 5. After making 7, I was amazed that he even had decent birdie opportunities on the next 2 holes. I wasn't surprised that he stick-handled the putts. Missing the short one on the 1st was a bad way to begin.

Watching Schwartzel after he made the putt on 18 was great. The BBC coverage stayed on him as he went to the side of the green to wait for Choi to putt out, and it was fantastic to watch the emotions as he realized what he had just done. Just a great finish.

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