Sunday, March 27, 2011

Brandon Morrow's problem is his elbow, not his forearm. Toronto Blue Jays.


"Morrow’s spring ERA is 0.75 and his sore elbow is not considered serious."

I emailed the writer about that quote, and this was his response.

"It became the elbow when I asked him where the inflammation was and he pointed to his elbow, then said he had tightness in his elbow. Yes, the team called it a forearm strain."

What's up with the GM and the Manager? Who do they think they're fooling? Are they as cluess as the Nats GM and Manager?

I feel bad for Brandon Morrow. At this point, I think if they allow him to pitch at all he'll probably blow out the UCL within 4-5 starts. If they do the smart thing and send him to Dr. Jobe now, OR rest him until the UCL has healed AND work on fixing his mechanics, they might salvage something out of his arm.

Who does that most remind you of?

Ah yes, Mr. Strasburg.

Enjoy the next 12-18 months off Brandon!

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