Sunday, March 6, 2011

Some random cool Expos pics.

 Check out young Terry Francona between Raines and Dawson.

 Al Oliver makes a point.
Andre Dawson slides home.
 Andre of the Cubs slides into Tim Wallach's 3B.
 Young Andre looking fierce.

 Ellis Valentine having a good day.

 Another nice shot of Ellis, joined by Gary Carter and  Ron LeFlore. With Gary holding his hand to his chest and the look from Ellis, Ron might be describing one of his tougher nights in prison.
*EDIT* I hadn't even noticed, but the composition of this picture can't be just a fluke. LeFlore is the only one in the cage, or "behind bars", so to speak.

 Ken Singleton looking young.

 Gary Carter and the Chicken at an all-star game.

Al Oliver, Tim Raines, and Andre Dawson.

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