Thursday, March 24, 2011

Carlos Perez.

A post by The Night Owl (LINK) inspired me to look at Carlos's career.

Carlos had a decent rookie season in 1995, then missed all of 1996. He came back in 1997, and the Expos allowed him to pitch 8 complete games out of 32 starts! He also had 5 shutouts, but only went 12-13 with a 108 ERA+. He pitched 206 innings in 1997, 241 in 1998, and after that he was essentially pitching batting practice.

I'm working on a theory that hard luck pitchers are often hurt by their team's defense and not just by the lack of runs scored in support. In 1997, in his 13 losses, Carlos gave up 17 unearned runs. In his 12 wins, he gave up 3 unearned runs. However, 12 of the unearned runs came in only 2 of the losses, so the theory will need more research.

Carlos was entertaining, and when he was on his game a good pitcher. Unfortunately there was a lot of ugliness in his non baseball life.

I wonder if there was something wacky in his tobaccey?

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