Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Expos Best - Tim Wallach. Custom Card.

Tim had 5 All Star selections, 3 Gold Gloves and 2 Silver Sluggers.

He played over 2000 games at 3B, had 2085 hits, and twice led the NL in doubles.

He is 9th in games as a 3B, and only 55th in errors commited as a 3B.

He led the NL in Putouts as 3B 7 times, and in Assists as 3B twice.

Tim had a remarkably consistent season in 1987. He was an RBI machine, and almost kept his average above .300.

He was fantastic on bunts or slow rollers down the 3B line, he'd make the barehand pickup and throw as good as anyone I've ever seen.


  1. This man should be the Dodgers manager.

    This is another cool card. My mom's from Montreal, so I always had a soft spot in my heart for the Expos.