Monday, March 14, 2011

My first ever in person autograph.

A post about autographs over at White Sox Cards (link) got me thinking about autographs.

I still remember my very first in person autograph. I was 6 or 7, and was in the local West Vancouver McDonald's with my Mom and Sister. I spotted a player for the Vancouver Canucks named Dennis Kearns. My Mom suggested I should go over and ask him for his autograph. He was sitting with what I assume were his wife, and at least one child.

So, I go over with my little piece of paper and pen, and ask him to sign it. He does, and while doing so asks "so, what is your favorite hockey team?". Me: "The Buffalo Sabres!" DERP!
I quickly added that the Canucks were my 2nd favorite. I'm glad he didn't ask me who my favorite players were, because I would have named at least 10 without naming him at all.
Ah, the innocence of youth.

Dennis Kearns was a darn good player though. (stats)

Check out that 'stache!

He was only 5'8, but they didn't have to make him look so darn short on his card, did they?

A brilliant team shot of the 78-79 Canucks. Kearns is 3rd from the right on the bench. Check the perm on Bob Manno in the back row!

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  1. I'm glad one of my posts could inspire a great post like this one!