Monday, March 14, 2011

Trade with The Writer's Journey

Lots of Expos from the Writers Journey!

Some lovely Reds are heading back his way.

Here's some highlights from the fine lot of Expos sent my way.

Look at that sweet brick of Expos!

Wilton, the brother that couldn't quite cut it.

Jeff Reardon looking rather uncomfortable. In fact, there are a lot of Jeff's cards that show him looking very ill at ease. I wonder if I should "stick up" this sticker. Post to come.

This could qualify as a "cards with cups" card.

Andres Galarraga and BIP!

Darren Reed, watching his career going down the toilet.

Mike Fitzgerald levitating.

Someone at Fleer had a sense of humour, as Mike appears to be catching behind himself!

Michael Barrett modelling the finest in Canadian toque fashion.

And Michael Barrett again with Willis Otanez of the Jays sliding in. Otanez his .393 last year in the Mexican League, despite his advanced age of 37. He has 320 career minor league home runs.

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