Monday, January 24, 2011

A hockey post. Childhood heroes.

Yeah, I'm from Canada, so I'm allowed at least one hockey post.

 Darryl Sittler had 6 goals and 4 assists in a single game. When you're 6 years old, that makes him a hero.
 Not only did he send the picture, but a letter as well! No other player ever sent a letter, even if it was a form letter.
 Gilbert Perreault was a great player. But for the luck of the spin, he'd have been a Vancouver Canuck.
Glen Hanlon was going to be the goalie that led the Canucks to amazing success. Ultimately that didn't happen, but he still had a fine career.
This arrived unsigned along with a signed Ken Dryden postcard.  Many years later Guy was promoting his short lived energy drink called 'Flower Power', and I waited in line at the mall for almost 2 hours to get this signed. The drink was terrible.

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