Monday, January 24, 2011

Random cards. Billy Wagner.

Billy was by the far the single friendliest and most willing signer I personally ever came across. I got to the game early one day in Vancouver, and Billy was down in the bullpen. I wandered over with a friend, and not only did he sign everything we had, we chatted for 10 minutes about Vancouver, his career, and how great Nat Bailey Stadium was.

What an amazing record he's had over his 16 seasons. And looking at the numbers, he's made about 92 million dollars for 903 innings of work.  I hope he gets one more chance to redeem himself in the post season, as it would be a shame for such a great pitcher to forever be remembered as a choke artist.

Billy has a career ERA+ of 187, and his best seasons are as follows:

1997: 287
2003: 247
2005: 293
2010: 275

He only got Cy Young votes in ONE of those seasons (1997).

He also got votes in 2006 when his ERA+ was only 196.

What the heck did he do to piss of just about all of the baseball writers?

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