Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Vernon Wells.

I've never been a huge fan of the man, and I think he's been grossly overrated as a CF the last few seasons. However, I'm interested to see how he does next season.

The last 2 seasons Vernon has had the weirdest splits. 2009 he was atrocious at home and decent on the road, 2010 he was great at home and bad on the road.

If you combine his 2009 road and his 2010 home, his numbers are:

.310 47 2B 37 HR 85 RBI

2009 home and 2010 road:

.220 34 2B 19 HR 69 RBI

The only constant the last 2 season is that he's lost the ability to hit left handed pitching.

In 2009 he hit only .206 .279 .323 against LHP
In 2010 he hit only .195 .289 .354 against LHP

His career (including 2009/10) against LHP is .296 .359. 484

He's 32, he's had an inconsistent career, and he's entering the difficult career point where his eyesight will most likely start getting worse. I'm guessing the Angels will be likely to get something like this line:

.259 .294 .384 19 2B 23 HR 67 RBI

Time will tell.

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