Friday, January 28, 2011

Who's got the best teeth?

 Bill Stoneman has a nice subdued smile. He had no idea he'd soon be moving to Montreal.

Jim Clancy will be happy to show your sister how to grip the ball.

Cesar Cedeno smiles the smile of a man that knows the price of a human life.

Mark Eichhorn had one of the greatest relief seasons ever in 1986, and I was happy that he was back with the Jays in time to be a part of the 2 World Series teams. I always think of him as Ike Markhorn for some reason. I'm not sure what he's laughing at here, but I'm willing to bet that no one else would find it funny.

Dave Henderson really had one of the best smiles of all time.

Tony Taylor had a pretty good career, but imagine how much better it could have been if they'd allowed him to hit with a real bat! That's also got to be the worst excuse for a signature I've ever seen.

Andres Galarraga is smiling because the photographer doesn't know he's not left handed. I wonder if Andres sent a thank you note to Jim Joyce for not demoting him to the 2nd most famous Galaragga in major league history?

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