Saturday, January 22, 2011

Todd Hollandsworth and David McCarty.

Both Todd and David were guys that came through Vancouver in the 1994 season. McCarty was a hot prospect with the Twins, and Hollandsworth a Dodger who went on to win a rookie of the year.

McCarty was a 1st round pick in 1991, and quite frankly when it came to signing, he was a complete prat. He apparently felt he was the star of the team and destined for the hall of fame, which of course as time told was far from the truth. I never liked guys who were jerks about signing, and I was never unhappy if their careers didn't live up to expectations.

Hollandsworth was a bit of a different story. Vancouver and Albuquerque were playing in the PCL finals, and for any of the games in Vancouver he just flat out refused to sign anything. He told some guys that he'd sign after the series. When the series ended with Albuquerque winning, as usual there were a few guys hanging around outside the clubhouse looking for autos.  Eventually Hollandsworth came out, but instead of signing went straight to the waiting bus. Typical.

I didn't really care, so I took a couple of the cards I'd brought of his and crumpled them up and tossed them outside the door to the bus. Well, a few minutes later he came back off the bus because he'd forgotten something in the clubhouse. He noticed the crumpled cards, did a little double take, and actually came over and started signing! I have no idea if he was much of a signer once he hit the bigs, but if he was I'd like to think that in some tiny, minute little way I might have helped him change his attitude. Either that or he just went back to being an ass. Still, when he had some success in the majors I didn't mind.

Here's a nice pic of Todd eating some ivy at Wrigley.

Credit: Sports Illustrated/Getty Images


  1. I'm not sure how Hollandsworth was about signing autographs in person - I never met him. He has been (and still is) pretty good about signing through the mail, though.

  2. Good to know. I'm not even sure if I did get one signed that day, so maybe I'll dig something up and send it away.