Friday, February 25, 2011

Adam Wainwright, Tommy John, and mechanics.

I feel bad for you Cardinal fans, really. It's not been a good week for you. It's as if Don Denkinger is playing with his Cardinal voodoo doll.

With all the weeping and gnashing of teeth come the same old stories about workloads at a young age. Pshaw I say. Yes, PSHAW!

It's really quite simple. So simple that Jim Joyce can see it as if it was happening right in front of him.

Bad mechanics equals pitching injuries. That's it. If a pitcher has bad mechanics, it's not IF he'll get hurt, it's when. And it doesn't matter, he could be babied and coddled and never throw 100 pitches in a game, or he could pitch 300 innings at age 19. He will get hurt, it's just a matter of time and luck.

So they'll patch up Adam Wainwright, get him healed and rehabbed, and he'll be ready to go in 2012. And if he's got the same bad mechanics, he'll get hurt again.

Now here's where I really make Cardinal fans wonder. Why you ask? I'll tell you. I think the Cards should happily let Albert Pujols go. If they can get a package of prospects for him this year, even better. Face it. He'll be 32 for the 2012 season. 32 and beyond is the big drop off point for a huge percentage of hitters. Just look at Frank Thomas as an example. You got a World Series out of him, and some amazing seasons, but he's simply not going to keep doing it over and over. And while you're at it, try and unload that horrible Matt Holliday deal as well. Who in the name of Vernon Wells signs a guy to a deal like that one? Clank is laughing all the way to the bank.

As for Tommy John, isn't it about time he got royalties on the surgery? Heck, he should be in the Hall of Fame based on the number of players who have had his surgery. Oh, and the 288 wins. Don't forget those like the stupid voters did. Tommy should get a percentage of the wins that any pitcher gets after they have his surgery. Someone do the math, he'll probably be close to Cy Young soon.

Speaking of Cy, I just bought this card on eBay. It's card #120! That's special because Cy once had 120 at bats in a season, so it's really a one of a kind! (Yes Shirley, I jest.)

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