Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hockey post. '56 '57 Parkhurst Missing Link.

This set came out for the 1993/94 season. I must have bought and opened a box of it then. I vaguely remember doing so.

It's a cool set because it never actually existed. Upper Deck took on the Parkhurst name when Pro-Set went bankrupt, and this was the 1st of 3 retro sets that they released.

Anyways, I recently dug out the remnants of my collection, and there's this box marked 56 57 Parkhurst. In my head I think it's a set, and I think that I'll take the set to the local card shop and trade it for baseball related product. But, today when I finally look at the cards, I realize that nothing is sorted. Which means that I opened the box, stuck the cards away and never did anything about them.

It's an 18 year late box break! (well, sorta)

Well, talk about crappy collation.

Here's the breakdown:

180 card base set

24 packs, 10 cards per pack =

240 cards in box

113/180 towards the set.

67 cards still needed for set

59 different doubles =

123 total doubles

14 cards x4
7  cards x3
8  cards x2
30 cards x1

0 inserts.

No doubles between 43-109 (hardly any cards between those numbers).

EDIT - I just realized that I was shorted 4 cards in the box! 

I have more doubles than I have cards for the set!

One would logically think that when the box contains 240 cards, and the set contains 180, that you should reasonably expect to fill the set.

There are 15 cards in this set that I got QUINTUPLES of. That's just ridiculous.

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  1. if you ever want to unload those on anyone... hit me up on email...