Saturday, February 19, 2011

eBay Glove fail update.

In case anyone read the post about the eBay glove and wanted to know...

Glove Fail

The show still goes on.

My seller seems to think that offering a refund is all he needs to do. I've explained that no, I don't want a refund, I simply want the glove that was listed. The Spalding glove, not the nasty damp and smelly McGregor glove that he sent me.

Plus he keeps telling me to "follow eBay procedure". eBay makes a point of telling buyers to communicate with the seller over a problem, which is exactly what I'm doing. Even when you go to leave negative feedback, you get this message: "Before you leave this Feedback, please contact your seller to see if anything else can be done to make your experience positive. Sellers want you to be happy, and so do we."

My seller doesn't seem to care about making me happy. So, avoid the eBay ID: arispunk 

And if you live in Calgary, avoid Inglewood Antiques & Florist. Unless you want to visit them for me, that is. ;o)


After speaking with "Dan" on the phone, it's clear that he has no intention of sending me the Spalding glove. Therefore, he has received his well deserved negative.

In other eBay news, I bought and paid for 2 listings of Expos cards from the same seller 11 days ago. They promise that they ship within 5 business days. Haven't shipped yet.

Glove #2 of 3 has arrived, and is exactly as pictured. What a nice surprise!

Wilson A2881 "Orlanda Cepeda" The Outsider.
It's called the "Outsider" because of the unique way that the glove is made. It's not a standard "insert the hand" glove, as you can see the fingers are on the "outside". It's pretty cool, if a wee bit small for my giant paw.


  1. Sometimes you just wonder what the hell people are thinking. That's really over the top. Hopefully you at least get your money back.

  2. I'd much rather have the Spalding glove.

    If I do the eBay resolution or file a Paypal claim, I'm stuck paying the return shipping, which must be trackable. Which means I lose $10 on the deal, and since it was $25 including shipping, that makes no sense at all. I shouldn't have to pay because this guy can't send the right item.

    IF he had wanted to be a good seller, he'd have sent the Spalding glove, then I could have returned the McGregor as a RTS, which wouldn't cost me anything.

    Oh well, he's stuck with the negative now.