Friday, February 25, 2011

Pitching Sequences. Nolan Ryan x2.

Nolan Ryan was traded to the Angels in Dec 1971 as part of a package that brought Jim Fregosi to the Mets.  Ryan was 24, Fregosi was 29 and had received MVP votes for 8 seasons in a row with the Angels. Fregosi was a 6 time all star. 
Fregosi was never a regular after the trade. He played only 101 games for the Mets in 1972, putting up almost the same stats as he had for the Angels in 1971.
In 1993, Nolan's last season as a player, Fregosi was on his 3rd team and in his 10th season as a manager, and led the Phillies to the World Series, which they lost to Toronto.
I think we all know what Nolan did.
Man, did the Mets ever make some stupid trades back then!

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