Sunday, February 27, 2011

Expos Best - Bill Stoneman. Custom card.

Bill also pitched really well in 1972, but I prefer his 1971 season for the IP and K's.

Bill pitched his first no-hitter in his 3rd start as an Expo. It was only the Expos 9th game in franchise history. The New York Mets have played 7806 regular season and 74 post season games without a no hitter. The San Diego Padres have also never had a no hitter in franchise history, and like the Expos they started play in 1969.

Bill had some great games for the Expos, and was a workhorse for the new franchise.

Some of his great games:

Apr 17 1969 900058 Game score 90
Sep 12 1969 9500412 Game score 85

Apr 12 1970 930037 Game score 85

May 26 1971 9211310 Game score 86
Jun 16 1971 9100114 Game score 98(!) (Cito Gaston singled in the 7th)

Aug 20 1972 920037 Game score 87
Oct 2 1972 900079 Game score 89

Unfortunately the last game of 1972 was also pretty much the last time Bill was an effective pitcher. He got hit hard in 1973 for the Expos and in 1974 with the Angels.

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