Monday, February 14, 2011

Guest star card. Tony Fernandez (John Jaha)

I know this is just another common in another set, but for some reason it really strikes me as being a great card. Great action shot, great colors, and just look at how long Tony's fingers are. He could have been a pianist.

Tony was a great player to watch, especially during his first stint with the Jays. He had this great fake bunt play, where he'd square up as if to bunt, drawing in the 3rd baseman, then he'd chop at the ball and poke it over or through the left side of the infield.

Getting Tony back during the 1993 season was a great move by the Jays, and he was a big contributor to the 2nd World Series winners. He had 50 RBI in his 94 regular season games, and added 9 in the 6 World Series games.

Tony had FOUR separate stints with the Jays, and had career stats and achievements that warranted a lot more than 1 shot on the Hall of Fame ballot.

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