Saturday, February 12, 2011

Fashion disasters. Non card version.

VERY BAD. Stupid long pants that stupidly trip stupid players. These are an abomination. If Bud Selig never does anything else in his time as commish, if he were to ban these dumb pants he'd be ok with me.
 Am I the only one that finds long baseball pants reminding him of these travesties worn by the Flyers and the Whalers for 2 seasons back in the 80's?

Poor Darryl Sittler.

And then, this mess.

Obviously he didn't have a great role model, but c'mon Prince, you're not just eating yourself out of a career, you're eating yourself into an early grave. You're not supposed to look like the baseball.

White men should never have perms. Joe G seems to be looking at Gary's hair with much disdain.

On an unrelated note, how many jersey patch cards would it take to put together a patchwork jersey? Seems like this is a project that should be undertaken, if it hasn't already.

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