Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cool coach cards. 1954 Topps Archives.

Rollie Hemsley

 Love the cartoon.  Apparently there is nothing quite so funny as a man crawling on the field.
 Paul Schreiber, ace batting practice pitcher.

 According to the card, his arm snapped when he was 22. Yet he appears to be about 50 in the comic. And who says the Yankees always got one over on the Red Sox? The Red Sox stole this guy away from the Yanks to pitch batting practice! Kind of makes up for Ruth.

He made one appearance in 1922, 9 in 1923, and then didn't pitch in the majors again until 1945, when he pitched twice for the Yankees.  Only a 22 year gap, which is the record.

 Augie Galan
I wonder if he's the only man in history to have hit into a triple play while not hitting into a double play? He had 748 plate appearances that year, so it was no easy feat. He didn't miss any games, so the 5 knee injuries couldn't have been that bad.

He played the first 9 years of his career as a switch hitter, then hit only left handed for the remaining 7. He had some nice years for the Cubs and the Dodgers.

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