Monday, February 21, 2011

A few of les Expos and some 'Cool Heat'.

 Ross Grimsley celebrated his 20 win season for the Expos by having a bath. Unfortunately 'Scuzz' washed off the magic, and never regained his form.

 Andre Nolan Dawson. Andre only hit .244 off of Nolan Ryan, with 25 K's in 89 PA.

 2 players the Expos should have hung onto. Ken Singleton and Cliff Floyd.

 A little (almost) recycled photo action from Larry Walker. Definitely the same play.

Floyd Youmans and Bill Lee. Floyd iffa coulda shoulda woulda been a mega-star. Unfortunately it didn't pan out. I remember in his big break out season, the Expos broadcasters in Canada, TSN, ran a nickname contest for Floyd. Ken Singleton was the colour man (and an extremely good one), and he got to do the interview with Floyd where Floyd chose his new nickname. He chose 'Cool Heat'. Which is a good name for something you rub on a sore muscle, but not really a great nickname for a pitcher. It never caught on. My entry was 'K-Yo'. I was very disappointed it didn't get picked.


  1. I saw Floyd Youmans in Joliet, Illinois a few years ago as the pitching coach of the Joliet Jackhammers. I didn't immediately recognize him because he had bulked up a lot. When I got home, I compared his picture in the scorecard book with my 1986 Topps card of Floyd and sure enough, the face was the same, just heavier.

  2. Not surprised that he would have gotten big. He seemed to have that tendency.

    Joliet Jackhammers. What a great team name.

    I found Floyd on facebook, he's got Carl Everett on his friends list. Too funny.

  3. The way I remember the "Cool Heat" story, that nickname was actually chosen by a commitee from the contest but Youmans never liked it and so it did not fly. I seem to recall the paper clip about it in the La Presse newspaper.

  4. Could well be. It was a long time ago.