Wednesday, February 16, 2011

eBay glove failure.

So, I've been a little active on eBay lately, and today received the 1st of three gloves that I've won.

These are the pictures from the listing:

 Cool huh? A nice old Spalding made in Canada trapper. So, I excitedly opened the envelope...and found this:

 Hmm. Seems a bit darker than the picture.

Oh, how nice, bonus musty dampness!

 Calgary, we have a problem. (the seller is from Calgary)

 M for MacGregor.

Yup, completely the wrong glove, and it's moldy and damp and nasty. YUCK!

One reply back from the seller after my amazingly polite email. He seems to think I should send this thing back so he can "look it over" and give me a refund.

Um, no. Here's what you do seller. Find the glove you listed, and send it to me. If you really want this piece of crap back, after I receive the actual glove ordered I'll send this back RTS. Just looking at the pictures of this thing make me want to wash my hands.

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