Monday, February 21, 2011

More autographs from Nat Bailey Stadium.

A whole bunch of stuff I got back in 1994 and 1995.

 Arod! He signed the card in person at Nat Bailey, the ball was procured for me by someone who knew the clubhouse guy in Calgary. Hence the sharpie signature on the ball. Still, it's held up remarkably well.

 James Mouton. Tons of talent but never could quite stick. Nice man, would sign for everyone.

 Brian Hunter. Buddies with Mouton, same classiness about him when it came to signing. Just a great card to have signed.

           Mr Nevin makes another appearance.

 The elusive David McCarty. If you're a jerk when it comes to signing, when your career doesn't pan out I don't feel bad.

 Marty Cordova. He was having a huge year in 1994, so he had to sign a lot of cards.

Mr Dempsey, the PCL championship winning manager in 1994.

 Quite a few Billy Ashley's. Not only was he on his way to the 1994 PCL MVP, but he was the same height as me (6'7), so naturally I rooted for him. I still think the Dodgers ruined this guy, as he should have been a star.

 Ah, so I did get a couple of Todd Hollandsworth after all.

 Johnny Mac! Mr. McNamara was coaching in the Angels system, and came to visit the AAA team in Vancouver. Word got around, and I dug up a card on short notice. Sweet signature.

 Jose Lind got into 10 games in 1995 with the Canadians. Just enough time for one signature. And one walk.

 Luis Raven. Luis was having a big year at AA in 1994, and came up to Vancouver in time to get photographed by Upper Deck. We then got him for another few games in 1995, and I'm sure he got sick of signing this card. A guy with a ton of power, for whatever reason he could never get a shot. It didn't help that along with striking out too much, he didn't have much of a glove and completely lacked speed.

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