Friday, February 25, 2011

Swing Sequences. Ken Griffey Jr and Barry Bonds.

2 players who outshined their famous fathers.
Both played 22 seasons.
Both hit a ton of home runs.
Ken was the one that was considered a great fielder, but he only beat Barry by 2 gold gloves, 10 to 8. And of course Barry has 7 MVP's, Ken only one.
Barry walked almost twice as many times as Ken, yet still had more hits and less strikeouts. Barry drew 120 INTENTIONAL walks in 2004. Ken never walked more than 96 times in a season.
Ken was known for not working out, or even stretching. Barry? Well, we all know the stories that have been told. Let the courts decide.
Ken never played in a World Series, Barry did play in one but lost. Despite hitting .471 with 4 homers, 6 RBI, and 13 walks in 7 games.
Barry was blackballed, and never got the chance to reach 3000 hits or 800 home runs. Ken quit a year and a half later than he should have.

Ken will go into the Hall on his first try. Barry? Who knows. He should go in on the 1st ballot, but some would prefer he never got in. Personally I think he's a hall of famer. If he and others don't get in because of steroids, then throw out all the guys who did pep pills. And the guys that are already in the Hall that did steroids.

Say what you want about the steroids, but clearly Barry always had a big head!

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