Sunday, February 6, 2011

Buck Martinez autographed cards.

Buck was broadcasting the Blue Jays for TSN in 1994, and along with play by play man Jim Hughson they were assigned to cover the last few games of the PCL season, the final series between Vancouver and Albuquerque.

Once I realized this meant I could get an autograph or six, I dug through the commons and found 4 cards of Buck. Like an idiot though, I completely forgot that I owned a copy of his book 'From Worst to First'. DERP!

Anyways, Buck was nice and friendly and didn't mind signing at all. I was disappointed that he didn't get more of a shot to manage the Jays, but I suppose that whole experience factor kind of worked against him.

Buck was always famous for his amazing play at home plate, when he tagged out two guys with a broken ankle. If you've never heard about that, read about it here. Theres's also a link to the video.

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