Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Swing and a miss. Some cards that don't show the best form.

 John Russell can't quite reach that one.

 This helps explain why Felix Jose never quite fulfilled his potential.

 And Dave Bergman makes another out.

 Dave Anderson showing again why he was best known for defense.

 Dave Parker swings and misses. Fortunately, he spots Ron Robinson stealing his cheeseburger. They had words later.

 Well, at least Darren Reed makes a bit of contact.

 Gotta give George Brett the benefit of the doubt. Looks like he held up in time.

Eddie Taubensee misses by a country mile. What was that, a knuckleball? Did the Padres have a knuckleballer in 1997? The catcher is John Flaherty.

You may notice a number of these cards are from the 1991 Score set. This is my take on what a regular meeting would have been between a Score buyer and a photographer.

Photog: I brought all my best shots. Lots of great action shots, balls hitting bats, great stuff like that.
Score: Oh nice....so these are the expensive shots, right?
Photog: Yes.
Score: Well see, we're pretty low on budget right now. Do you have anything else? You know, like where the players are missing the ball, making errors, stuff like that?
Photog: Yep, I have lots of those. You can have them cheap. The deal is that you leave my name out of it, alright? I don't want people thinking that's the best I can do.
Score: DEAL! We don't really care anyways, people buy this stuff no matter what we put on it. Some never even look at it, they stick it away as an investment. If they knew how much of this crap we made....

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